Seybold Report ISSN: 1533-9211



Asghar Salih Shwan, Assist. Prof. Dr. Ahmad Mustafa Ali

Vol 18, No 5 ( 2023 )   |  Licensing: CC 4.0   |   Pg no: 299-323   |   Published on: 30-05-2023

Governance is a set of laws, procedures and standards that all public and private administrations and institutions must adhere to; Rather, the legislator must abide by the requirements of governance principles. Whereas , governance does not only apply to public and private institutions , but also applies to the legal texts that make up a law , that regulates work within the administration or the administrative institution , and in this study we have tended to analyze administrative contracts in the stages of their conclusion and implementation , and settlement of disputes arising from them , within the framework of Governance principles and standards , given that the administrative contracts have not been sufficiently studied in the framework of governance , as these contracts are subject to governance standards , It can be implemented as agreed upon in the contract , and at the same time confronting and addressing corruption in the public sector , and we have divided this study into an introductory topic , through which we explained the conceptual framework for governance , and three chapters , Chapter One : the rules of governance in the stage of concluding administrative contracts , and the second Chapter : Governance rules in the implementation phase of administrative contracts, and the third Chapter

administrative contracts. Governance. Conclusion of contracts. Implementation of administrative contracts. Principles of governance.

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