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Akhil Chandra Borah

Vol 18, No 6 ( 2023 )   |  Licensing: CC 4.0   |   Pg no: 324-327   |   Published on: 30-06-2023

Men and women, both are the roots of human civilization. With the absence of anyone, human civilization is unimaginable. So, the importance of both man and woman are equally essential to the progress of human civilization. But since time immemorial, it is proven that a liner difference has been rooted between men and women. Women are treated as inferior to men since long. Historically in the field of politics, women have been fighting for their rights which led into revolution in many times. One of the root causes of such revolution is women wanting for political rights. It is not a new thought that women are only assign to the household works, child bearing and rearing. Many of the philosophers and scholars have subscribed this idea for which women are deprived of political rights. Even the father of politics, Aristotle also had administered the fact that women should be kept away from politics for which women has to fight for their political rights (Gogoi and Patir, 2014). In western countries fights for political rights started in the 19th century which continued till the mid of 20th century (ibid). For such kinds of movement in 1918, some women were given voting rights however in 1928 women in England got their voting rights (Gogoi et al., 2014). This movement led the foundation of ‘National Women Party’. With the effect of this party American women received their voting rights in 1920 through the 19th amendment of their constitution (Gogoi, et al., 2014). Although during 1917 and 1945 the movement prevailed in India as well it was not as much as it was in the west (Gohain, et al., 2014). However, in India with the enforcement of the constitution, both men and women got their political rights. Moreover, the United Nations in 20th December 1952 ‘The United Nation Convention on the Political Rights of Women’ grants every woman the political rights (ibid). Statement of the Problem: Although political rights have been given to women but the interference of men is hampering in the enjoyment of these rights. For which it is said that women are partially deprived of enjoying their political rights. Therefore, through this research paper the author makes an attempt to examine in what way women are enjoying their political rights and the obstacles faced by them while enjoying those.


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